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Our Story



Putting Bermondsey on London's Comedy map

Comedy Gobbledygook was launched in March 2017, in the ever-more-gentrified heart of Southeast London.  Our motto is to create a finely curated comedy show by bringing the quirkiest and the best new acts on the London open mic circuit to Bermondsey's own front door. The acts are handpicked and invited by your host, as he gigs around London himself he could spot the raw and new talents otherwise not known to the commercial and professional comedy venues yet. Some of jokes can at at times be a bit raw, but you also feel the new acts' excitement of being on stage and their energy. 

Out of the acts performing on our opening night in March 2017, 4 performers on the line up are now signed to professional comedy agencies, a testament of the qualities of our new acts.  We also feature various national comedy competition winners and finalists (sometimes they perform at Comedy Gobbledygook before they win!).  Words have got out and we now often have professional comedians inquiring & headlining our shows.  

Entry is free.  If you feel entertained, we then collect bucket donation at the end.  We also offer free shots at the door, we believe a tipsier crowd makes the perfect comedy audience!

The Gregorian Arms
96 Jamaica Rd, SE16 4SQ


Upcoming Show

Comedy Gobbledygook XXXII
Comedy Gobbledygook XXXII
11 Feb 2020, 20:00 – 12 Feb 2020, 22:00
The Gregorian,
96 Jamaica Rd, Bermondsey, London SE16 4SQ, UK





A Taiwanese Comedian

Your host is a bit mental on stage and his music taste is funky and gay.  So this comedy night is always fun!

Yellow Xmas 2018 - 1

Comedy CV

NATYS Finalist 2019

Amused Moose National New Comic Award Semi-Finalist 2017 & 2018

​Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year Semi-Finalist 2017

Your Host


Adam Flood

Adam Flood Apr 19

Adam Riley

Adam Riley May 19

Alex Petropoulos

Alex Petropoulos Oct 17

Alex Theo

Alex Theo Jan 19

Ali MacFarlan

Ali MacFarlan Oct 17 Apr 18

Alice Brine

Alice Brine Sep 19


Alison Thea-Skot Jan 19

Amelia Stubberfield

Amelia Stubberfield Sep 19

Amir Hajizamani

Amir Hajizamani Jun 18

Andrew Buchan

Andrew Buchan Sep 17

Andrew Forsyth

Andrew Forsyth Jul 18

Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill May 17, Sep 18

Andy Twyman

Andy Twyman Oct 17, Jul 18

Annalisa Dinella

Annalisa Dinella Oct 19

Anne Klein

Anne Klein Apr 17, Jun 18

Rosaline Fillet (Angela Nesi)

Angela Nesi Dec 18

Archie Henderson

Archie Henderson Apr 18

Arielle Souma

Arielle Souma Apr 17, Dec 17, May 18, Sep 19

Arna Spek

Arna Spek Jun 18

Barra MacConmara

Barra MacConmara Feb 19

Ben Bridgeman

Ben Bridgeman Jul 17, Aug 18

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen Oct 17 Sep 18

Ben Kavanagh

Ben Kavanagh Sep 17 Feb 19

Blake AJ

Blake AJ Oct 19

Brendan O'Donoghue

Brendan O'Donoghue Mar 19

Cam Davies

Cam Davies Feb 18

Cansu Karabiyik

Cansu Karabiyik Sep 19

Caspian James

Caspian James Dec 18

Cathay O'Riordan

Cathal O'Riordan Jun 18, Dec 19

Charlie George

Charlie George Apr 19

Chloe Petts

Chloe Petts Nov 17

Chris Sav

Chris Sav Feb 19


Chris Smith Mar 17, Jul 17 Jul 18

Ciaran Chillingworth

Ciaran Chillingworth Oct 18


Claire Lenahan Apr 17, Sep 17 Oct 18


Colleen Campbell Apr 17

Danielle Grufferty

Danielle Grufferty May 18

Danny Walsh

Danny Walsh Nov 17

Davina Bentley

Davina Bentley Jan 18 Dec 19

David Mills

David Mills Jun 18

Dean Threadgold

Dean Threadgold Apr 17

Dom Patmore

Dom Patmore Mar 17, Jun 17

Emily Woods

Emily Woods Jun 19


Esther Manito Mar17 Jun17 Dec 17

Evelyn Mok

Evelyn Mok Mar 19

Fiona Simpson

Fiona Simpson Nov 18

Elliott Dallas

Elliott Dallas Oct 19

Fran Kissling

Fran Kissling Aug 18 Mar 19

Fraser Gibson

Fraser Gibson Jun 19 Dec 19

Gary Graham Knightley

Gary Graham Knightley Jan 18

Gethin Alderman

Gethin Alderman Jan 19, May 19

Guy Woodhouse

Guy Woodhouse Nov 18


Harriet Braine Apr 17, Oct 17 Dec 18

Gareth Neale

Gareth Neale Aug 18

Harry Wright

Harry Wright Jan 18

Hassan Dervish

Hassan Dervish May 17, Jan 18 Dec 18

Helen Bauer

Helen Bauer Mar 17 Jun 17

Hubert Mayr

Hubert Mayr Jun 18 Mar 19

Huge Davies

Huge Davies May 17 Nov 18

Imogen Edmondson

Imogen Edmondson Dec 18

Haydn Jenkins

Haydn Jenkins Mar 18

Ivan Kirby

Ivan Kirby Apr 17 Aug 18

Jake Baker

Jake Baker Nov 18

Jake Howie

Jake Howie Oct 17

Jamie D'Souza

Jamie D'Souza Jul 18 Apr 19

Jamie Finn

Jamie Finn Aug 18 Apr 19

Jamie Oliphant

Jamie Oliphant Mar 18 Apr 19

Jen Wakefield

Jen Wakefield Feb 19

Jenan Yunis

Jenna Yunis Nov 17

Jenny Kassner

Jenny Kassner Oct 18

Jamie Allerton

Jamie Allerton Oct 17 Apr 19

Jimmy Bird

Jimmy Bird Jan 18

Jimmy Furre

Jimmy Furre Sep 18

Jo Frank

Jo Frank Sep 18

Joe Bates

Joe Bates May 19

Joe Hobbs

Joe Hobbs Oct 18

Joe Sutherland

Joe Sutherland Jul 18

Jilberto Soto

Jilberto Soto Jul 17, Jan 18 Jul 18

Josh Baulf

Josh Baulf Nov 18

Josh Massen

Josh Massen Sep 17 Jan 19

Kai Samra

Kai Samra Mar 17

Katherine Atkinson

Katherine Atkinson Mar 18

Kathryn Mather

Kathryn Mather May 17, Aug 18, Apr 19

Katie Pritchard

Katie Prtichard Apr 18, Feb 19

Jon Long

Jon Long Nov 17 May 19

Kirsten Brown

Kirsten Brown Jan 18

Leo Gallagher

Leo Gallagher Jan 18

Lew Fitz

Lew Fitz Dec 17 Nov 18


Les Connolly Mar 17 May 18

Lisanne Fridsma

Lisanne Fridsma Apr 17

Liz Guterbock

Liz Guterbock Jul 18 Jan 19

Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell Apr 18

Louise Bastock

Louise Bastock Jan 19

Lucy Garcia

Lucy Garcia Mar 17

Luke Poulton

Luke Poulton May 18

Luke Chilton

Luke Chilton Oct 19

Mad Ron

Mad Ron Feb 18

Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson Nov 17 Sep 18

Lynn Ruth Miller

Lynn Ruth Miller Feb18, Nov 18, Feb 19

Mamoun Elagab

Mamoun Elagab Jun 18, Jun 19

Maxine Vuvuzela

Maxine Vuvuzela Dec 17, Nov 18, Dec 18

Mandeep Singh Sandhu

Mandeep Singh Sandhu Jun18

Matthew Hutchinson

Matt Hutchinson Dec 17

Mike Keenan

Mike Keenan Oct 18

Maggie Kowalski

Maggie Kowalski May 17, Jun 18

Mel Byron

Mel Byron Feb 18 May 19

Mo Omar

Mo Omar Mar 17

Mustafa Fecto

Mustafa Fecto Jun 18 Jun 19


Mooch Apr 19

Mr. Party

Mr. Party Oct 19

Nick Everritt

Nick Everritt Oct 19

Mo Saffaf

Mo Saffaf Jun 17 Jun 18

Neil O'Rourke

Neil O'Rourke Feb 18

Olga Koch

Olga Koch Feb 18

Nicolas Ricci

Nicolas Ricci Mar 18

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris Dec 17, Jul 18 Sep 19

OH Standfest

OH Standfest May 18

Ophélie Hocquard

Ophélie Hocquard Mar 19

Nick Horseman

Nick Horseman Feb 19

Olley Matthews

Olley Matthews Sep 18

Paul Entwistle

Paul Entwistle Jun 17, May 18

Patrick Brusnahan

Patrick Brusnahan Oct 19

Patrick Spicer

Patrick Spicer Mar 17, Sep 17, Jan 19

Paul Cox

Paul Cox Nov 17 May 18

Pauline Eyre

Pauline Eyre May 18

Pam Ford

Pam Ford Jul 17

Paul Merryck

Paul Merryck May 17, Nov 17, May 18

Rick Kieswetter

Rick Kieswetter May 19

Rebecca How

Rebecca How Feb 18

Rebekka Turner

Rebekka Turner Mar 18

Reverend Pie-Crust

Rev. Pie-Crust Dec 17 May 18

Rob Oldham

Rob Oldham Mar 18

Pete Nash

Pete Nash Jan 18

Rich Spalding

Rich Spalding Aug 18

Sam Lake

Sam Lake Dec 18

Ruby Carr

Ruby Carr Sep 19

Ryan Dalton

Ryan Dalton Jan 19

Sadia Amat

Sadia Amat May 19 Sep 19

Simon Caine

Simon Caine Sep 18

Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones Nov 17 Dec 18

Samuel CH Zernig

Samuel CH Zernig Mar 17 Mar 19

Stephen Mullan

Stephen Mullan Apr 17

Simone Belshaw

Simone Belshaw Jun 17 Jan 18

Sindhu Vee

Sindhu Vee Mar 18

Spring Day

Spring Day Oct 18

Stiff and Kitsch

Stiff & Kitsch Sep 18


Simon S. Ward Jun 17, Jan 18, Dec 19

Stephen Trumble

Stephen Trumble Apr 17 Jan 18

Susie Steed

Susie Steed May 17, Oct 18 May 19

Suzie Preece

Suzie Preece Sep 19

Tai Campbell

Tai Campbell Dec 19

Thomas Dixon Pedrals

Thomas Dixon Pedrals Aug 18

Tim Powell

Tim Powell Nov 18


Twix Mar 18 Jun 19


Stylophobia Jul 17, Feb 18 Feb 19


TV TV Jun 19

Victoria Howden

Victoria Howden Mar 17, Jun 17, Mar 18

Victor Pãtrãşcan

Victor Pãtrãşcan Mar 19

Vitaly Filipskiy

Vitaly Filipskiy Sep 18, May 19

Vlad Ilich

Vlad Ilich Dec 19

Wes Dalton

Wes Dalton Apr 18

Will Robins

Will Robins Dec 17


Valerio Sara Nov 17, Jan 19

Will Duggan

Will Duggan Oct 18

Yumna Mohamed

Yumna Mohamed Oct 17, Dec 18

Dave Black

Dave Black Apr 17

Fatiha El-Ghorri

Fatiha El-Ghorri May 17, Jun 18

Heidi Regan

Heidi Regan Jun 17

Kyle Wallace

Kyle Wallace Mar 18

William Stone

William Stone Mar 18

Ian Lane

Ian Lane Sep 17

Mawaan Rizwan

Mawaan Rizwan Apr 18

Dame Theresa-Thompson Gazelle

Dame Theresa-Thompson Gazelle Jun 19

Horatio Gould

Horatio Gould Jun 19


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